introducing the imps

The ‘IMPS’ is dedicated to educating children through, though not exclusively, their leisure time activities, this is delivered by a disciplined, dynamic and challenging programme of activities with a world-famous motorcycle display team at its heart.

From the sound of revving engines to the awe of a billowing fire jump and the suspense of a multiple motorcycle combination ‘cross-over’ routine, The Imps will have you mesmerised by an unmissable display of discipline and skill. Furthermore, you will be stunned to learn that the youngest performer is only five years old!

The Imps Motorcycle Display Team, noted for its impeccable smart red tunics and highly disciplined spectacular show originated in the 1970’s from The Hackney Adventure Holiday Project – a charity founded by Roy Pratt MBE that provided holidays in the country for under privileged young people. Some of the children found a dysfunctional old ‘motorbike’ – one thing led to another and a motorcycle display team, uniquely comprising young people aged six to sixteen, emerged.

For over fifty years The Imps have performed around the world to millions of people.

Regular appearances on prime time television and displays at major events, such as The Nova Scotia Tattoo, Canada, The Norwegian Military Tattoo, Norway and The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, have secured a reputation for excellence. Extraordinary discipline and incredible teamwork enable The Imps to deliver shows comprising complex ‘cross-overs’ requiring split second timing, breathtaking fire jumps and visually stunning pyramids of red tunics – all served up with a dash of humour and aided by the spell-binding mini Imp mascots.

Our History

The origins of the IMPS are to be found in The Hackney Adventure Holiday Project, which operated in the 1960’s and 70’s, providing adventure holidays and experiences for East End children during school holidays and at weekends.

One of the many activities covered was an introduction to motorcycling for the youngsters. Children soon became so proficient at cross-country riding that the charity had to consider how to harness this newfound energy. Competition riding was ruled out due to the high cost involved, which would have precluded most of the youngsters being able to participate.

At the invitation of the organiser of a local small show a six man formation riding team was formed to present a display. From these humble beginnings The IMPS have grown to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best motorcycle display teams in the World. The Imps perform at such prestigious venue as The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and International events around the world.

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