Following a briefing for parents and children new recruits to the Imps attended a one day induction course at London Youth’s outdoor centre, Hindleap Warren in East Sussex,  those who successfully passed through this experience commenced their rider training at the Team’s Headquarters in East London on Saturday the 12th. October 2013. First they had to be kitted out with safety riding gear and then introduced to their instructors, this was followed by instruction in basic motorcycle parts and how to handle a motorcycle without the engine running. Having learned how to stop and then to go and recover a fallen bike [and rider] training commenced. By the end of the day all recruits were able to pull away, balance at slow speeds, change gear and negotiate a simple obstacle course.

By the end of their first training day all riders had completed their first four and a half hours riding and by the looks on their face had both gained confidence in their own ability and were happy, they cannot wait for their next day’s training and that will be next week. Their next session will cover in more depth braking tecniques , cornering and smooth gear changing etc. At the end of the month they will attend a five day residential course in riding and more advanced balancing practice.

We all wish them well and will follow their progress with interest, keep an eye on the news and we will report just how they progress through their training until they commence training with the main team to learn about formation and trick riding.

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