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RIP June Batchelor

Imps Motorcycle Display Team Announcement

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of June Batchelor, a cherished member of the Imps family and former Chaperone (previously known as Matron). June's dedication and love for our team were immeasurable, and she will be profoundly missed.

Her son Neil, a former team captain, shared this sad news with us. On behalf of the entire Imps team, Roy Pratt MBE expressed, "June’s spirit and commitment to the Imps were unparalleled. She nurtured many of our young members with compassion and discipline, helping to shape the character of our display team. We are forever grateful for her contributions and mourn her loss deeply."

We invite all who remember June to join us in celebrating her life:

Venue: Enfield Cematorium

Date & Time: Thursday, 30th April 2024, at 4 PM

Anyone who wishes to pay their respects is welcome. Our thoughts are with June's family during this difficult time.

"June was a pillar of strength and kindness for the Imps. Her legacy will continue to inspire us." - Roy Pratt MBE

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