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How to join the Imps

We are a ‘flagship’ youth organisation, open to all, and in support of mainstream education, dedicated to the development of citizenship within young people. Our proven track record spans more than fifty years and has delivered innumerable personal success stories as well as creating an aspirational example to millions of young people beyond our immediate membership.


As an Imp you will experience a challenging, fulfilling, and exciting journey through your formative years which will teach you essential life skills and take you around the world. The team has an open recruitment policy and is therefore open to all young people who meet the entry criteria. The team welcomes young people from the ethnic community and is also open to girls. Applications from the London Borough of Newham and the surrounding district are given priority.


Entry Criteria

You must be extremely keen to become a member of The Imps. You must be aged between 5 and 16 upon entry, providing there are places available within their age group. Young People with disabilities will most certainly be considered. Each application will be reviewed carefully to ensure their disability does not create an additional hazard to themselves or others.


Please Note:

We only induct new members once a year, normally between July and September. A condition of being considered for membership is that your parent or carer attends an induction presentation with you to meet those who will care for and train you. You will discover that being an Imp is a major commitment both in terms of your time and the degree of training involved. Dates for this presentation will be published to all applicants in advance. If you would like to pursue your application following the presentation will be invited to attend a one-day experience course.

To be considered, please email:

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