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Buy A Bike campaign launched by Charley Boorman

East London youth motorbike display team charity ‘The Imps’ has partnered with TV motorbike adventurer Charley Boorman to launch a campaign to fundraise for 14 new motorbikes for their world-renowned team of junior riders.

The IMPS need 14 bikes which are the ideal bikes required for their awe-inspiring displays which have been enjoyed by millions worldwide since the IMPS was formed in 1970. Each bike costs £2,970 and can be sponsored by individuals or companies who will each receive their name/ logo on the bike they buy. Companies will then be able to leverage the co-branded association with the charity.

Charley Boorman commented; ‘I have admired the skill and determination of the IMPS riders for many years now. The positive impact the IMPS has on this group of young people is incredible. I fully support the launch of this ‘Buy-a-Bike’ campaign in the hope we can swiftly fundraise for all 14 bikes so the team can continue their great work, touching the lives of so many both directly in the team and beyond through their displays.’ He added; “I urge any private individuals or corporates keen to get involved to sponsor a bike as the costs are minimal when you understand how important the work of the IMPS is”.

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