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RIP Jan Hawkins

It is with great sadness that we write of the loss of our dear friend and fellow volunteer; Janet Hawkins who died last Tuesday.

Jan lived her life for others with huge integrity and brilliant love and kindness. One of the great indications of this was in the many decades of support that she offered up to the Imps. If you need an example of how an ordinary person develops into the extraordinary you need to look no further than she. Jan possessed some of the greatest of all human attributes; compassion, authenticity, integrity and unfailing wit but the greatest of all was in the loving support that she shared with others so instinctively and without need for recognition. Altruism is a word we only use sparingly, as acts of selfless love; of giving to others without accolade is highly unusual. Jan nonetheless embodied this principle, keeping under the radar whilst caring for our children tirelessly, listening to each and every small voice, always working in the background, even in the night, and quietly going about making sure that the children felt safe and well.

She championed and remains one of the best teachers we have ever had for learning, which needs to be done to preserve the positive spirit and high morale of the team. We shall all remember her as a dear friend and devoted family woman whose great sense of love extended to us all in the team. She was a huge part of the Imps’ history and made everything in our mission statement tangible.

Jan will be sorely missed.

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